Focusing on Applications of Innovative Cryotherapy Technologies

SensCure is a high-tech enterprise of medical device based on innovation, integration of independent research and development, production and commercialization. The Company is strong in research and development, and has a high-caliber and professional R&D team. It also owns a number of patent licenses. At present, the Company has passed the ISO13485 Quality Management System certification, and has regulatory approvals in China and European Union for a number of products.
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2022-03-01 行业资讯
哮喘患者的福音--- 新技术、新希望:“支气管冷冻消融去神经术(BCD)治疗重度哮喘”
今年以来,同济大学附属东方医院已成功开展多例支气管冷冻消融去神经术(Bronchoscopic Cryoablation Denervation,BCD)。该手术由中国医师协会呼吸医师分会介入工作委员会主任委员,上海市医学会呼吸分会主任委员李强教授及其团队完成,手术过程在内镜直视下,耗时仅15分钟,术后患者哮喘控制改善明显,生活质量得到提高。支气管冷冻消融去神经术(BCD)或将成为治疗重度哮喘的新
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2021-05-20 行业资讯
近日,东方呼吸内镜介入手术直播间再次开播,直播内容是李强教授亲自操刀的三台手术,其中第一台是硅酮支架植入后复查,第二台是右主支气管占位消融加支架植入,第三台是肺部迷走神经冷冻消融术(cryo-balloon targeted lung denervation technique,CB-TLD)-治疗重度哮喘。此次直播超13万人次观看,期间引发了观众的热烈讨论,纷纷表示受益匪浅。
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2021-04-29 行业资讯
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Specialize in innovative minimally invasive technologies
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We constantly provide the market with high-quality products and make unremitting efforts for the cause of human health.
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